Breathe In Breathe Out…


I need to meditate because I want to quiet my mind. I want to meditate for one month to see what happens! I read that meditation gives you superpowers, so I want it too 🙂 .

Now, I know a few things about meditation, but practicing it can be a challenge for a person like me,  to whose mind resembles with a crazy monkey.  There are many ways you can meditate and the question is which is right for you? You can meditate by focusing on the sound of the wind or rain, on something you are looking at. You can light a candle and watch it during meditation.  And you must breathe slowly and have your mind aware. There must be something that helps you to  be calm.

You can meditate in your house or outside in the park, lying in the bed or standing on the chair with your eyes open or closed. But, try to have a full presence in the now. If something is wrong in your life, if something is bothering you or you want to receive some answers you have more than one  reason to meditate. Don’t put force in meditation, all you have to do is to be in the present time, to breathe, to relax yourself and to stay there all time you need to become aware of your body.

If you have read Elizabeth Gilbert’s book,  Eat, Pray, Love you will remember the scene in which she felt terrible and she was crying, but she never stop meditating. In the end, not only she lost that feeling of frustration but stop crying and she become a happy person.

Why  I choose to mediate ?

I want to find my strength, I want to connect with my interior, I want to create my own Universe.



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